Ohh TWOdles!!

Harper is turning the big T.W.O next Saturday and one of her friends is going to be out of town so we decided to have her party a week early! I decided awhile ago I was gonna do a Minnie theme because she loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! (Daisy seems to be her fave but still went with Minnie which I’ll get to why in a minute here) When you think Minnie red, hearts and polka dots come to mind right? So, I figured perfect, I’ll hit up the after Valentines day sales and get a ton of new heart decor! I ended up mixing pink in too since we still had some stuff left over from her birthday last year. I LOVE the way everything turned out, exactly how I had pictured it in my head, she loved it even more which made it that much better πŸ˜‰ After all this day was all about her. ❀


This second group of pics just cracks me up…SO shows her silly little personality ❀ I basically made everything and got ideas everywhere from my brain to Pinterest! This was all SO easy and all done here and there when I had spare time. I cut out way too many circles for my own good in the end haha! This cute shirt a friend of mine got for her in Disneyland, which I just cut a 2 out of felt and sewed by hand on, so it was easy enough to take the stitching out for continued wear! She had this tutu already as well that I stitched felt hearts on to be removed later too! I made this adorable sparkle Mickey clip out of felt and glitter that I glued to a little clip. I’ve been making her hair accessories forever since they are insane expensive on Etsy or anywhere else really for that matter!


For the cake I got 2 boxes of Funfetti bc its my fave and dyed one batch pink so every other layer would be pink πŸ™‚ Turns out I only used 3 of the 4 8 by 8 rounds because all 4 were too high for my cake standΒ with the lid on with the toppers I got, found here. These toppers were a HIT, she screamed when she saw the cake and she has insisted on sleeping with little plastic Minnie and Daisy since LOL. Β I bought Funfetti hot pink frosting rather than dying white as well as white and used the pink on the bottom layer, mixed the pink and white for the middle and used white on top for an ombre look. (I did the same last year and loved it so much I decided to just do it again.) It tasted amazing too which really is all that counts right? πŸ˜‰


I made the banner with card stock and construction paper as well as the Minnie I taped on the heart centerpiece and the ones I taped on the juice boxes. The hearts on the table and heart toothpicks were clearance steals as well as the heart garland and gift bags. I glued rhinestones on the silverware to make them look glam and the “holder” they’re in is a sparky koozie! I made bows using strawberries and blueberries stuck with toothpicks (which I forgot to bring out of the fridge for the party after I took these pics) DANG IT! Harp enjoyed them later anyway haha!


Hot dogs are every kids favorite right? And SO easy to just throw in the crockpot with water to cook themselves so they are ready for go time! I made this cute little sign for the crockpot..because I’m crazy and had to have the Clubhouse touch on everything haha! Served with string cheese and goldfish for the perfect lunch!


I printed off coloring sheets online so the kids could color after they played for awhile and had lunch, Harper colored on each of her guests sheets as well as her own which did not impress them, but hey what can ya do with an almost two year old trying to share the love..ha!

It was so funny she got really shy when “Happy Birthday” started (totally cute) but then the rest of the day sang it to herself. πŸ™‚ She blew out the candles like a little champ and hopefully made an awesome wish. πŸ™‚ We opened presents before her friends left and she had a BLAST! We have been getting packages in the mail this past week from friends and family back home and I’m sure she has no idea why she’s getting all of these fun presents but she is loving it no doubt!


Balloons really are a hit for a two year old and this morning she came downstairs and the first thing she did was yell BLOONS!!!! Β Her and daddy had fun playing with them before her guests arrived!


It was the perfect day and I can’t wait to for another fun party next year! I’ll leave you with a mama and mini selfie because thats how we do and my awesome ‘Jamicure’ that went along with the theme. ❀


Fall Festivities!

Hey all!! Just wanted to share a few of my favorite things right now because October is my favorite month due mostly to my favorite season FALL!! AND it’s the start to the holiday season and holiday decorating..what I pretty much live for!! πŸ˜‰ We all know I have a bit of an obsession for wreaths so I whipped up this fun Halloween one with a wire wreath, some burnt orange mesh, purple tulle, and the Halloween sign I had on my door last year! I love the way it turned out! I hadn’t originally planned on using the tulle but it was too bare without and you could see the wire wreath through it! I also am going to add some spiders but didn’t have any so they are on my list!
One of my friends that lives across the street from me loved it so much she asked me to whip her up one as well so I went back to my ol’ fave yarn style and came up with this! I love this one so much too I was tempted to keep them both! πŸ˜‰

I also have a new fave cocktail I have to share because 1-it’s delicious and 2-it looks like it should have a Halloween name…my coworker calls it the strawberry shortcake so we will go with that until I come up with a new one. Maybe the unborn? (too gross)?! Probably, so Strawberry shortcake it is.. I changed up her recipe a bit and mine consists of vodka, cherry Dr. McGillicuddy’s, 7up, cranberry juice and cream (I use half and half which makes it look disgusting because it curdles) LOL I don’t measure anything..ever so just wing it and I’m sure it will turn out delish..trust me! This glass is my absolute favorite thing right now thanks to my FAB big sister for making us a set when I spied them last year on Pinterest..her version is so to die for I can’t even stand it!
In case you wanted a full shot of these FAB nails you see as well here ya go! My maybe current Jamberry fave called Loud Mouth that I paired with a pixel tile accent, next set will be Halloween themed for sure but I just LOVE these! Link to my Jam page is on the side if you HAVE to get some as well! πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with some Halloween decor and an adorable tot bundled up for a park playdate! Happy October to all!

Our 4th!

The 4th of July will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the day Sean and I started dating in 2004…I know I’m OLD ;)! Plus it’s my birthday week and everyone who knows me knows I don’t just celebrate my birthday, it’s a whole week celebration! πŸ™‚ The ONE thing that didn’t happen on our wedding day that I wanted was fireworks lit off over the river after we said our I do’s (I know if that’s all that was missing…perfect day right?!) Well anywho, imagine my excitement when the one..and only..excitement that happens in this town is over the week of the 4th! Yay!! So Harper and I did our nails in some awesome patriotic Jamberry wraps and headed off to the parade the weekend before the 4th! It was Harper’s first parade and she LOVED it!

I can’t get enough of these little toes with Jams on them!!


I don’t know what this face is but I swear she was having fun!



She even waved her flag like a pro! πŸ™‚


I of course had to make a festive new wreath for the door after getting in the spirit after the parade and I just LOVE how it turned out!


So after all of this excitement over the weekend we celebrated my birthday Monday! It was very low key and just perfect with my two faves complete with champagne, purple daisies, lemon meringue in mason jars and pizza!


On Wednesday grandma Jane came to stay with us for a few days! It was so nice having her here! We took her to the lake on a little hike around it, showed her some of our favorite places to eat, and just enjoyed our little entertainer Harper while relaxing!

photo (8)

On the 4th she watched Harp for awhile so Sean and I could have a little date! It was GREAT! After dinner we came home and lit off some little fireworks and sparklers of course…Harper’s face explains what she thought of this stick with fire shooting out of it haha!Β image_2


Most of the time was spent chasing Harper as she ran to the neighbors to get into stuff on their patio however..as usual πŸ˜‰



I was excited to finally get a few pics of the three of us since that RARELY happens and we ALL know how much I love pictures! Here are a few of my faves ❀


I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!




I’ve been really homesick lately and if I didn’t have Harper I’d prob be going crazy!! I think a lot of it is the turn in weather and normally this time of year we’d be enjoying beautiful Missoula, taking our daily hikes up Blue Mountain, going to the river, you name it, anything outdoors in Missoula that is a 5MIN DRIVE!! It’s flat here with not much going on in the recreational department aside from walks around the neighborhood. Exactly why I whipped out rollerblades to change it up ;).

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Mani Pedi Friday Fun!!

Hey guys! So if you’ve checked out Jamberry wraps you have seen how amazing these things really are! However some just love their polish as well, and if you’re like me just dying to paint those cute fingers and toes on your babe but not sure how safe that stuff you’re putting on those precious fingers and toes really is, Jamberry lacquer is for you!! Most high end nail lacquers are changing over to be “3 free” omittingΒ the harmful toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBT), and formaldehyde. Jamberry decided to take this to the next step of being “5 free” by also omitting formaldehyde resin and camphor, other harmful chemicals. These lacquers compare to the $20-$40 bottles of professional nail lacquer on the market! Perfectly safe for your mini me! This is the Hint of Mint polish on my little lady (my fave in the whole line)!

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Every mama needs some time to herself…no matter how much we love our littles…especially after one of “those days.” Whether it be something as simple as a shower alone, an hour to read your book, time to do your NAILS, you get the picture. Recently I’ve entered into a new business endeavor that allows me to do just that by becoming an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails!

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