Not so”Quiet” Time Transition

Hudson gave up naps before his 3rd birthday…let me tell you it stunk. I cried the second I realized he was truly DONE with naps. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. His helpful words…..”Well he wasn’t going to nap forever….you knew that, RIGHT?”  Thanks. Super helpful.

All the stay-at-home-moms out there (working mamas too) know how sacred nap time is. But he was ready to be done so I had to go with it. The first few days were a struggle. He was a blubbering mess by 5pm, I mean could not hold it together at all….. the dog walked by him…meltdown……The pillow fell over….meltdown. It was ROUGH. But after a week or two……maybe three….I can’t remember. We introduced quiet time, he spends a little time in his room with a quiet project and once in awhile I let him watch a movie. No sleep but a tiny rest.

The first few days he only lasted maybe 30 minutes but now he will do a full 2 hours. I put together quiet boxes organized by the day and each one contains a project or puzzle, cars, and a book.


Craft project: We are big fans of Crayola magic markers. The ones that only mark the special paper so he cant destroy his room.

Puzzle: I found a couple match puzzles in the 1$ section at Target. Only two or three pieces is all. Before letting him play with the puzzles I showed him how to put them together. He is very proud when he puts them all together!

Book: I rounded up books that we already had lying around the house. But since they are tucked away in bins for quiet time only he only sees them once in awhile.

Cars: Hudson is obsessed with cars…we have entirely too many. I gathered about 4 cars for each bin. No need to by any new ones…I used ones we already had at home but he only gets them during quiet time so they seem special.

I would suggest you put together items your kiddo loves, dolls, instruments, etc.


He plays…not so quietly, ( My husband suggests we call it “Alone time,” rather than quiet time….I tend to agree) in his room with the items from the bin. The busy boxes are like a present each day. Soon I will have to rotate new toys in but right now he is happy to open the bins. Plus, he actually plays with the toys in them, I would call that a win.

The transition from naps to quiet time has been a difficult one for me…Hudson has taken it in stride.  But I have adjusted. I really enjoy the earlier, easier bed time. The busy boxes have definitely helped stretch the time closer to 2 hours. Hang in their Mama it is a tough one but it does get better….it won’t be like this for long.



Struggles Lately

Lately, I have been struggling to think of blog topics, keep my house in order or happily play with H. Most days I can barely get a meal together, which is definitely out of character for me. Usually I have everything figured out and in order but lately nothing is working out.

January has brought a huge transition for our family. My husband who has been working out of town for almost 3 years is now taking a job locally. Which is great but comes with financial changes for us. I am trying to figure out the best option for us. Do I go back to work……kill me now….or babysit a couple of kids or start a home based business. It has been a real struggle deciding what is best.

On top of all that, Hudson has been going through some sort of change. He is crying one second, laughing the next but has become very….physical…slapping, pinching, and hitting. I have tried all the discipline possible with no real change. I think some of it is that our life is different now. Dad is home, we don’t go-go so much. I am not sure…I know its most likely a phase but sheesh…..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I cannot figure out  how to get everything done in a day. I am usually on top of everything but lately it seems I am chasing my tail, never really getting ahead. I have a normal routine, it just feels like there is never enough time.

I know everything will get back to normal but right now I am feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated. This post was not intended to be a pitty party. I am very blessed and happy just needed to vent.

We will get back to our new normal.  I need to remember to give myself a break…a pass on perfection…..The same goes for all the other mamas out there. It’s okay to not feel like enough but you have to remember you are! The life you have was made just for you…struggles and all.

20160121_123043 (1)

Now to end on some cuteness!!!



The Struggle is Real

On top of diving into potty training we have hit terrible twos or early threenagers. I am not sure which.  Hudson can barely make it though the day without having a meltdown, it takes everything I have to keep calm and talk to him. But talking seems to make him more upset, so does ignoring. I have no idea how such a tiny human can get so mad. Usually over something silly, like putting ice cubes in his water….what?! I have to remind myself it is phase. But some days I can barely keep it together. Lately, he has been waking up at night, usually three times, which has both of us running ragged….and draining my patience.  With that being said recently I was that mom at Target. Hudson screaming, people staring, and me trying to get through the check out as quick as possible. But we survived! No one wants to have the child melting down but it will happen. After, all that I came home to an article that brought everything into perspective (10 Ways to Burn Out as a Mom).

The article came at the perfect time. After reading it I realized I had caused my impatience which affected Hudson. Sometimes as moms we are spread so thin we forget to take care of ourselves. Even 10 minutes to your self during the day can make all the difference in the world.  

IMG_20150806_071125005       IMG_20150714_172214642

The Mother/Wife sets the tone of the home, that statement has never been more true. What do you do to keep your sanity or turn around a rough day?

Potty Training…or Not!

Hello friends! We are in the trenches of potty training Mr. H. He has been showing some interest but I didn’t think he was quite ready. But as usual he showed me. Last Sunday, he asked to go to the potty every single time he needed to go! I was so impressed and decided we would buckle down. This past weekend was spent locked in our house asking every 30 minutes if he needed to go……UGH! It was a loooooong weekend but he only had two accidents.  Well on our way to getting it done!!!

Today is another story, Hudson had pre-school and everything went to crap…..literally. He would not go potty for his teachers and had two accidents. They ended up having to put a diaper back on him. BUMMER!!!! His teachers were great and encouraged me to keep after it. I know I need patience and consistency for him but my oh my its been tough.

Is this normal? Does it mean he isn’t ready?

After another unsuccessful day I decided to put potty training on hold.  He screamed at me that he couldn’t go so we are backing off training. So, when we are at home he can go in the potty but I don’t want to put any more pressure on him. He will be ready when he is ready.

Big Boy Bed Here We Come

We changed Hudson to a big boy bed a month or so ago. I forgot to share. So here it goes. I had hoped to keep H in his crib until her went of to kindergarten…;-) But as usual Mr. Man had other plans. He has been climbing out of crib for awhile now….I know I know….not safe. However, as a tiny monkey he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem at all.

I had his big boy bed in the garage for a month…maybe two. Like I said I wanted to hold this transition off as long as possible. I  thought once he was out of his crib he wouldn’t be my baby any more but that is crazy. I was convinced naps would no longer happen and nice long nights of sleep would end forever. My mom came over for dinner and FORCED me to make the change. I fought her the entire time…I can be pretty stubborn….

We got it all put together and Hudson was a bit scared of the new bed. Finally, he warmed up and it was time to head to bed. I was not looking forward to the fight I was SURE would happen once I laid him in bed. We went about our bedtime routine. I acted like the new bed was no big deal. I laid with him for a little bit before I headed to bed. I was all ready for midnight playing or tears of fear…..NOPE. He stayed snug in his bed until morning and we have not looked back.

I have been trying to put off the next milestone with H for a year or so now. I convince myself it will be so difficult or he isn’t ready, in all honesty I am the one who is not ready. He amazes me every day. He takes on new places or changes in stride most often rising to the occasion and surpassing all my expectations. My advice for this change is your kiddo will show you when they are ready…go with it! It will be OK.



1. Be ready: We waited until Hudson was consistently getting out of his crib.

2. There will be set backs: About a month in H felt confident with his new independence and would get out of his bed daily. It would take me an hour of placing him back into bed before he would go to sleep. I adjusted he nap time so with the hour battle he would go down at a reasonable time. After a week the battle was over.

3. Set backs do NOT mean you have failed:  I was so frustrated and wished we had never made the change. But was reminded but a billion people, all kids have a tiny set back and it’s temporary.

4. You will be shocked: Hudson was so ready and I was holding him back. The change was easy for us but no for everyone. Remember every kid is different and handle changes different but you know them best. They will surprise you!

5. Patience: You will need lots of patience but it will pas quickly and you will be on to the next big milestone. Ours in potty training…stay tuned.

Good luck Friends!

Christmas Wrap-Up

The Kost family Christmas Wrap-up (Ha!). We made a family day trip to Coeur d’ Alene, ID. It is a two hour drive from home and so worth it. They offer a holiday night light cruise to the North Pole. The cruise is only 20$ for adults and free for kids under 5. The trip lasts 30 minutes in total which is perfect for a restless toddler. As the boat leaves the dock the entire boardwalk is covered in holiday lights. The Grinch was on the dock shaking his booty and making faces at the kiddos, to this day Hudson still tells everyone that will listen about it.

The staff is dressed as Santa’s elves. You can grab a hot toddy or apple cider while you wait to see Santa. Once you arrive at the North Pole, (you stay on the boat), Santa greets the kiddos and reads the names on the “Nice List.” As the boat pulls away from the dock the entire shore lights up and fireworks are set off. It was perfect! Next time, we will stay at the resort, they offer many cruise and room packages. It was a LOOOOONG day for such a quick boat ride. Hudson had a great time until the fire works, some tears were shed. Ooops!

IMG_20141222_184942680   IMG_20141222_190659

IMG_20141222_190801 IMG_20141222_190615 IMG_20141222_190556  IMG_20141222_182628925

We had a wonderful Holiday.Husby was lucky enough to have vacation time to be with us over Christmas. We spent most of our days in pajamas watching cartoons or Christmas movies, drinking gallons of coffee (for me) and hot chocolate (for the little) snuggled up on our couch.

However, it wasn’t feeling much like Christmas around here, it was oddly warm with no snow in sight. But but to our surprise we woke up Christmas morining to a winter wonderland.Hudson (and I), could NOT contain our excitement.  We had to at least play in it for a few minutes before presents.

 IMG_20141206_122344013 (1) IMG_20141206_122359310 (1)

We unwrapped presents and had breakfast with my family. My Dad came over later to spend the day with us too. Later we all changed into new pajamas to go to my mom’s for dinner. We ended the evening with pie and a movie, Four Christmases, one of my favorites.

IMG_20141225_104415255 IMG_20141225_104424489

Hudson had so much fun opening presents, once he figured out how to rip into them it was non-stop. He kept asking to open more presents and had a tiny meltdown when there were no more under the tree. The day after was spent in a walk-in clinic, Hudson hadn’t been acting like him self. Low and behold he has a double ear infection. I am hoping he will be better for the New Year’s Eve.

Merry Christmas and onto the Happy New year!

Mommy’s Christmas Wishlist

This time a year my husband is constantly asking me what I want for Christmas. I usually have a certain item I have been waiting for all year. But I am going a different way, I don’t want a gift to unwrap or one that he has to wonder all over town trying to find. This year I would like Favors….better yet acts of kindness. So here it goes, follow along husbands, I am sure I am not the only one that would LOVE these favors...


Sleep In. I do not recall the last time I slept in. In my adult life I have always been a morning person. But for this request I would say its more be left alone for an hour after Hudson wakes up. I try to wake up a couple hours before Hudson may or may not wake up, he is no consistent with his wake up, for this quiet time. So by sleep in I mean let me sleep to a decent hour and entertain Hudson for me…I will even take 30 minutes of quiet. 

Grocery Shop Alone. I have dreams of shopping alone. Seriously!? I would love to walk the isles without having to grab a sucker to entertain a toddler or pick up a car that was dropped for the hundredth time. I go to the store almost daily because I forgot something while trying to rush the day before. Just the idea makes my heart sing…

Eat an entire meal while seated. I don’t even get to do this at home. Most often I am trying to toss things on Hudson’s plate so I can eat my dinner. Get up to grab him more….or trade a spoon for a fork than back again. I would like to be able to sit for my entire meal…preferably while it is still hot.

Watch a movie.  An non-animated movie. A dumb romantic comedy would be perfect. I don’t mind Kid’s movies but cannot remember the last time we watched one that wasn’t. I am trying to think of one that has been recently released and cannot think of one. We are in desperate need of a real movie….Suggestions!?

At home Date NightI would love to combine my above request with this one. It seems much easier and way more enjoyable. Comfy jammies and my own couch, snuggled up with Husby. We can have dinner, a few drinks, and enjoy a non-animated movie. Plus, a quick walk upstairs to bed. Perfection! (Even better if Husby does bedtime, while I make a drink.)

Another baby. Why because babies are like a drug. I am addicted. I am tired, hungry and living in chaos most of the time. So why not take another hit….Please.

What would be on your non-gift wish list?

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I know I am posting a little late but I completely unplugged over the holiday. Hudson turned 2 on Thanksgiving this year. So we started our day off with something a little silly but festive.


Pretty Cute HUH?! I baked store bought cinnamon rolls,cooked up peppered bacon, (350 degrees for about 12 minutes..or longer depending on how crispy you like it…changed my life), and cut berries. I quartered the strawberries and halved the blueberries. Hudson ate every single bit! Of course he did not appreciate my art skills but what do you expect from a toddler….

I am thankful for family, friends and our health. Hudson is growing like crazy and I am soaking up every single second of it. My family is the greatest and I am so happy they are all mine. Jordan and I are happy and healthy which is all we could really ask for. What are you thankful for?

Be thankful Friends!


Christmas Shopping

Hey friends, I am jumping on my Christmas list this year. As organized as I usually am, my Christmas list gets away from me every year. Shopping well into December, never really allowing myself to Enjoy the Holidays. So this year since Hudson is as such a fun age to start family traditions I have vowed to have my shopping list DONE by December 1st. I know I can do it, I just have to stay focused and on budget. I have compiled a list of Toddler Boy ideas for you and your little ones. This is based on Hudson’s interests and his friends. I hope it helps you get a jump on your lists.

So Christmas eve I plan on letting Hudson open one gift, containing new Christmas jammies, a fun new book, a snack and hot cocoa, which he has been quite fond of lately. I tend to buy Hudson’s jammies at Carters, Gap or Old Navy. The price point is perfect and most often I have a coupon code to save a little extra. Here are some of my favorites from Gap, how cute would your little one look coming down to open gifts in these jems or these adorable duds. Plus, a pair of cute slippers, I can already see the adorable photos of Christmas morning.

HoHOHO Tree  NorthPole


Gift Ideas Boys (and Girls)

It may only be Hudson, but anything on wheels has become the best toy ever. I have to carry at minimum two trucks in the diaper bag at all times. This year will will probably stay on that theme. I found these cute toys on a trip to Portland, they are Green Toys, all are made from recycled material and minimal packaging. Hudson has a couple of their trucks and they can hold up to a rough and tumbler toddler. I usually use Amazon because we have free shipping. The trucks are sold on too, which has more selection. The tractor with trailer would be a hit as well as the dump truck, so Hudson could collect random items for them to carry. I am a HUGE fan of wooden toys, Hudson has a few and has barely been able to put a dent in them.

Tractor  DumpTruckWorkBench   img18o

Hudson loves trucks but he also enjoys playing with my pots and pans, under my feet in the kitchen. Usually while I am trying to make dinner, it makes for an entertaining dance. I am hoping that if he has his own kitchen with pots and pans we will leave mine alone……Fingers Crossed! I have found a couple online but none in stores not to thrilled about the cost of shipping but it just might be worth it. The one below would be a definite win for Hudson I just have to get the Husby on board! The work bench might be an easier sell. Also, this one from Pottery Barn would be great!


Happy Shopping Friends! Stay tuned for more gift guides.

Hudson’s First Birthday

Hudson’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend. I cannot believe he will be two already, time flies when you are having fun. We are doing it early this year, his actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day so we had to plan to do it a little earlier. It will be a regular thing for the rest of his life every few years it will be on Thanksgiving. For me I would love it, tons of food and football pretty good birthday if you ask me.

Hudson is obsessed with trucks, trains and planes, anything that rolls or flies. So we decided on an On-the-GO party. I think he will love it but get mad that I am using some of his toys as decoration…..he will just have to deal. But first I wanted to share pictures and decorations from his 1st Birthday, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


All the decorations I made myself using a Cricut, I borrowed from a friend. The cake was made at Plum Cakery. They do custom cakes, my friend from High School made it and will be doing this years cake as well. .

1397802_10100145025694376_74831457_o 1397802_10100145025689386_1484550102_o 603140_10100145025684396_1601733206_n

I was IN LOVE with Hudson’s cake, I could barely cut into it. It was so tasty too.

1415251_10100145048334006_899820052_o 1415251_10100145048324026_791176164_o 1403517_10100145049756156_2088376668_o 1403517_10100145049736196_22926435_o

The Cricut, made making all the signs very simple once I figured out sizing and the right way to type in the codes. I loved how the signs turned out. I couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t cheesy. I wanted it to be cute without looking ridiculous.

1415251_10100145048338996_673883207_o 1403517_10100145049751166_1857892849_o 1403517_10100145049746176_293995607_o 1403517_10100145049741186_1158590785_o

Any who, the other sweets are Pumpkin bars, a family recipe. The chocolate cupcakes are a boxed recipe and mini Oreo’s for ears. We served two different types of chili for the adults.


My grandma, Hudson’s Great Grandma, insisted she get him a cake of his very own. She was so happy to give it to Hudson to make a mess with. And He did not disappoint, it did take him a minute to dive in but once he did he had fun.

1403379_10100145027430896_1844461918_o 1403379_10100145027425906_1289182790_o

1403379_10100145027440876_1681886611_o 1403379_10100145027435886_727116457_o

1401357_10100145028603546_82098796_o 1401357_10100145028598556_1458142234_o

Hudson did not do great with unwrapping presents he only wanted to play with the tissue paper or box, typical One year old right?!

1401357_10100145028613526_1297746620_o 1401357_10100145028608536_609383982_o 1403624_10100145029342066_1792437589_o

All in all we had the BEST time with his first birthday. Its a bittersweet moment am I right. I spent the whole time hoping for him to get older so he would sleep or talk or crawl. Then BAM! First birthday.


Word to the wise, just enjoy each second and every milestone. They will go flying by. Now onto my sweet boys 2nd Birthday….tears will fall I promise you.