Snowed IN

Hey Friends! It has been FREEZING in Montana, lately. Colder than usual.  I love winter and snow but its been a bit too cold.  We have been watching the snow fall for days, but its just too cold to let Hudson play outside in it. It takes me longer to get him in his snow suit than he will last outside. He asks me every day, “Mama, outside play snow…OK?” Breaks my heart to tell him no because he enjoys it so much all 10 minutes.

So I decided to bring the snow inside! I know…madness, we have hardwood floors so clean up is a breeze and its only water. We did it last year and he spent hours playing, this year I added food dye. An opportunity to work on identifying colors and to amaze my child, because soon mom will be so LAME.

IMG_20141230_180339793  IMG_20141230_180343822


 (Sorry for the blurry photo, a photographer I am not.)

What is your go to activity to stave off cabin fever?

Have Fun Friends!