Weekend Fun

The past two weekends were spent at our friends cabin. Hudson had a great time but we had a bit of an issue with his life jacket. When we are at the water parks he doesn’t have to wear one. The pools are zero entry and he usually doesn’t go far. But the lake is a different story, I wanted it to be clear that if he was near the water or the hot tub the life jacket must be worn. For a little man who is very opinionated the fight was on! He through a fit for about 45 minutes, he fully understood the new rule but did no necessarily enjoy it. As time went on the life jacket became no big deal….SUCCESS!


We also went Huckleberry picking. Most people do not know what a Huckleberry is, its smaller than a blueberry and tastes likes one but a bit sweeter. They only grow at a certain elevation so its a bit of a drive up a scary single lane mountain road to get them. But they are so worth it. I am dreaming of  huckleberry pancakes until all my jars are empty! Hudson participated once he figured out what everyone was doing, he ate every single one he picked…….He just MIGHT be mine!


We had a great time between the sand sun and waves Mr. Man slept until almost 10am……HOLY COW!We need to go to the lake every day! It had NOTHING to do with the sugar high….there are no rules when on vacation…..except WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET! 😉


Happy Week Friends!