Toddler Travel Tips

The past couple of weeks Hudson and I have traveled to Tacoma, WA and Portland, OR, to coach a competitive cheer team. I started coaching when I was 5 months pregnant with him, needless to say its in his blood. I had planned to drive but ended up riding the team bus to Tacoma. It was the best decision we could have ever made. Hudson was so excited to ride on a REAL BIG bus. He go to sit in the co-captain seat right next to the driver. He had the best view and was a trooper. We watched movies and played with all his NEW toys.


(Step one: RENT A BUS….kidding)

Tip 1: raid the dollar store isle for all new toys to distract your little on a loooong trip. We opted for mess free markers and coloring books, a pack of plastic dinosaurs and a pile of new colorful books.

Tip 2: bring lots of their favorite snacks. Hudson can be distracted with food so having his favs on hand definitely helped.

Tip 3: Dress them in layers. Add or subtract depending on the temp or take layers off if they get messy.

On our trip to Portland I opted to drive. Hudson’s great grandma road with us so she was able to help with all of his requests. If she had not been with us it would have taken an entire day to get there. Thank you Gigi!  My brother watched Hudson for me while I was coaching during the day. It was the ideal situation. Uncle Beau played with Hudson all day and I was able to focus on my team. They spent their first day exploring the Children’s Museum. I recommend it to any parents in the area or if you find yourself traveling through. I cant figure out who had more fun…Hudson or Uncle beau! (Forget about the blowout Uncle Beau had to clean up….sorry….but not really!) I was so happy they were able to spend time together.

IMG_4467 IMG954446 IMG954449 IMG954453 IMG954457

Tip 4: When driving plan for delays, your little will not be happily strapped in their seat for 10 hours.

Tip 5: Relax their schedule. Hudson still napped everyday but not exactly at 130. Be flexible, they are on vacation too!

The ride home was a little rough. We had to stop more to let him run a bit. It was frustrating but I understood he was tired and OVER being in the car. But we finally made it home!!!!

I hope the tips help you on your next family adventure!