Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I know I am posting a little late but I completely unplugged over the holiday. Hudson turned 2 on Thanksgiving this year. So we started our day off with something a little silly but festive.


Pretty Cute HUH?! I baked store bought cinnamon rolls,cooked up peppered bacon, (350 degrees for about 12 minutes..or longer depending on how crispy you like it…changed my life), and cut berries. I quartered the strawberries and halved the blueberries. Hudson ate every single bit! Of course he did not appreciate my art skills but what do you expect from a toddler….

I am thankful for family, friends and our health. Hudson is growing like crazy and I am soaking up every single second of it. My family is the greatest and I am so happy they are all mine. Jordan and I are happy and healthy which is all we could really ask for. What are you thankful for?

Be thankful Friends!